Where We Live: Energy efficient home shines in First Colony | Williamsburg Yorktown Daily

Pam and Sheldon Franck have taken their environmental stewardship beyond the recycling of glass bottles and plastic containers. Local builder Michael Hipple and architect Roger Guernsey spent a lot of time and did a lot of research to build the most efficient and energy conscious home for the Francks. In their lifetimes, the Francks wanted to show their children and grandchildren that building an energy efficient home could be done. “It was an experiment – and it was very successful,” said Pam Franck. When Pam Franck hears of someone building a new home, she wants to share her story about how easy it is to build an environmentally friendly home.

The Francks are both environmentally conscious and had thought about building an energy efficient home for years. In addition to solar panels, the Francks also use the most efficient lightbulbs and have installed efficient windows and doors. The Craftsman-style home has plenty of room for the Franck’s children and grandchildren when they come to visit. The grandchildren are proud of the home’s efficiencies and often tell their teachers about it. Envelope insulation keeps the house from losing heat in the winter and cool air in the summer.

Pam and Sheldon both drive electric cars, which are powered from their home. An inverter transfers the solar energy to electric energy, which powers the home and cars.
The Craftsman-style home is located in First Colony and sits on almost 1 acre. Pam and Sheldon Franck’s home is just like anybody’s else’s … only better.

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