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At Gildersleeve, we feature the Rheem Line of Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps. 

For nearly a century, Rheem has been the industry leader, pioneering numerous industry firsts that meet the needs of homeowners to deliver the best homeowner experience… and then some.

Their 360°+1 program is designed to do just that. In this program, they have engineered performance, innovation and everyday improvements into even the smallest details, resulting in four key product feature categories:

360° Performance – 360° Installability – 360° Serviceability –  360° Integration

They have taken it a step further and delivered “PlusOne™” advantages – which are unique Rheem innovations designed to provide homeowners with the ultimate home comfort experience.

Heating and Cooling Virginia Beach Closer Look at PlusOne

360° Performance-

Comfort-ControlThe new Rheem air conditioner and heat pump platform was designed to provide substantially greater efficiencies in cooling and heating. Specifically, the cooling efficiencies are 54% higher than traditional designs and their heating efficiencies are 58% higher. The new inverter technology* can modulate from 25% to over 200% of rated speed, while matching a heating load down to 7°F and a cooling load up to 110°F, making this platform one of the most precise systems available today. Dehumidification provided by this technology is amongst the best in its class. And a smart new composite base pan adds to the overall durability and quiet performance.

(%) PlusOne’” Energy Efficiency

The entire air conditioner and heat pump line delivers the solid technology and energy-saving performance that  customers have come to expect from Rheem. Their Prestige’” Series air conditioners deliver a minimum of 20-SEER performance on all cooling capacities, and their heat pumps deliver a minimum of 13-HSPF heating efficiency on all capacities – and then some. It’s some of  the industry’s best work yet.

360° Installability

Having a unit that is easy to install helps keep costs down. Rheem has included features on the new air conditioners and heat pumps that make installation and service easier than ever, like the large 15″-wide control box that can be accessed by removing just two fasteners. Its size is unlike anything else in the industry and makes electrical connections a cinch. The new composite base pan is designed for an easy grip, and the built-in service trays that conveniently hold screws and caps. 

360° Serviceability

Everything about the new air conditioners and heat pumps is service-friendly – from the easy-to-access external gauge ports, to an accessible fan motor with extra-long wires. The service window can be opened with the removal of two fasteners, giving quick access to the high and low pressure switches, while also allowing you to troubleshoot with the system still running. To speed up service calls even more, each unit comes with a QR code on the rating plate that provides a direct link to technical information for our technicians on demandon demand.

360° Integration-


EcoNet is an exclusive technology that allows Rheem heating, cooling and water heating products to communicate with each other on one integrated network. It gives homeowners an easy way to control the most energy-consuming systems in the home – from home or on-the-go.

We understand the importance of impactful performance for homeowners, from lowering operating costs to simply operating reliably year after year.
• Energy savings: EcoNet” allows homeowners to manage the highest energy-consuming systems in the home for more cost savings.
• Auto heat/cool mode: Keeps the home at just the right temperature.
• Continuous fan: Provides cleaner air due to continuous filtering.
• Humidity control: Helps maintain ideal humidity conditions in the home.
• IAQ management: Controls indoor air quality.

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