Air Conditioning, which is often called A/C (in the United States and Canada), or an air-con 
(in Britain & Australia), is basically a device that uses a refrigeration system to drain pipes of
heat from a specific area. On the other hand, HVAC is a complete  system, which has an all
round mechanism for heating, ventilating and cooling.
The Ductless Split Air Conditioners or mini slit systems, can be just what you need to fulfill
your cooling and heating issues especially in hard to control temperature areas. These 
areas might be a garage, porch or other tough area.

This type of unit is actually area conserving and so it does not interfere with your interior 
designs. The indoor system is especially built to ensure a total sound complimentary cooling
that does not jeopardize the energy performance. The rotary compressors produce low noise
and guarantee an outstanding heating and cooling output at the same time!

Ductless Mini Splits are the very best choice for those cases where duct work ends up 
being too expensive, or is too bothersome to install. The efficient indoor air handler and
the outdoor condenser are matched perfectly to make installation very easy.

This type of air conditioning undoubtedly comes with lots of advantages, however one of 
the main issues is that it can lower your utility expenses. Having mini splits in various rooms
of the home can allow you to regulate the temperature of each thus allowing you to turn off
areas that are not in use. Mini splits can offer great comfort and savings if installed
correctly. Call Gildersleeve Geothermal  today for a consultation on how many splits may
help your HVAC needs.