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Gildersleeve is the premier well drilling company in Hampton Roads


Well drilling is not just about drilling a hole. It is truly an art and a science. It requires an extensive knowledge of ground water geology in the drilling area. It’s important to know where the sand and shell beds are in order to navigate to fresh flowing water.

Jake Gildersleeve is very experienced in the family business of well drilling that has been serving Hampton Roads for the past 70 years. He is a member and past President of the Virginia Water Well Association and a member of the National Drilling Association. All of the well drilling projects that we do are accomplished with our expertise, equipment and crews.

Check out out FAQ section for videos related to all aspects of the process. Gildersleeve Geothermal specializes in drilling domestic wells, irrigation wells, commercial wells, industrial wells, and geothermal vertical loops all throughout Hampton Roads .

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