Frequently Asked Questions


Pumps and Well Drilling

1. How loud is the pump going to be?

2. Where is there good quality water in my area ?

3. What is the warranty is on a pump that Gildersleeve installs?

4. What’s the best pump for Tidewater ?

5. How much is it going to cost to run my pump and how does it compare to City Water ?

6. Will there be a lot of debris leftover that I will have to take care of ?

7. How much of a mess will there be left to clean up from Drilling ?

8. How much space in my yard is required to have a well ?

9. What impact will the drilling and pump installation have on my yard ?

10. Will there be anything exposed in my yard after the well is drilled ?

11. What is the Life Expectancy of a Well ? 

12. Do I need a permit to install a well ?


13. Why you should consider a Geothermal System ?

14. How much noise is produced by my Geothermal Unit ?

15. How long does it take to install a Geothermal System ?

16. Where can the Geothermal Unit be located ?

17. Is the heat produced by a Geothermal Unit similar to a Heat Pump ?

18. Can my Geothermal System produce hot water ? 

19. Should my new system run longer cycles than my old one ? 

20. What kind of Warranty does a Geothermal System have ?

Does the Geothermal System handle Heating and Cooling ?

Can I use my existing well with the Geothermal System ?

23. Can I use my Existing Ductwork with a Geothermal System?

24. Is the 30% Tax Credit still available ?

25. How much can I reduce my Utility Bill with a Geothermal System ?

26. How much yard space do I need for a Geothermal System ?

27. What will I see in my yard after a Geothermal System is installed ?

28. What is the Life Expectancy of a Geothermal System ? 

29. Should I install a Open or Closed Loop ?

Call – 757-855-0034

Call – 757-855-0034

30% Tax Credit

30% Tax Credit

A+ Rating

A+ Rating

We Finance Too!

We Finance Too!

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GeoElite Certified Dealer